Special Interest

Special interest tours are fun as well as educational because each tour schedule In Japan concentrates on visiting places and seeing things of manual interest to participants. This country offers a wide variety of subjects for arranging such tours. As an expert tour planner, Tonichi also specializes in the arrangement of special interest tours, some of which are Industrial Tours, Cultural Tours, Architectural Tours, Garden Tours, Museum Tours, Festival Tours, Hot-Spring Resort Tours, Religious Tours and others.
Tonichi is capable of efficiently arranging many special interest tours for your clients. Such tours may be for a handful of people or a large group/ Whatever your clients’ Requirements may be.

Bridging Japan and the World
In our long history of 50 years of operation, we have poured our efforts into Japanese school trips as we regard education business as one of the largest markets. Likewise in the private sector, we have looked to aid other kinds of visitor groups who come to Japan for cultural exchange. We help arrange trips for all ages,from the young to elderly from all countries whose purpose of coming to Japan is to promote the exchange of culture. We have helped to promote these values by introducing world cultures to Japan and Japanese culture to the world. Our efficient staff will give you the help needed to succeed in sister-city, academic, and cultural exchanges that act to connect Japan to the world.