Tonichi’ s qualifications for expertise arrangements for tours mentioned in the foregoing page make it equally dependable for arranging incentive tours for both FITs and chartered group. Some of the services Tonichi offers you and your clients are:

1.The assignment of an experienced Tonichi representative exclusively to incentive tours.
2.The printing of itinerary encompassing all pertinent information in artistic format.
3.Upon requests by agents or sponsors, publicity in any language dailies can be made.
4.Subject to request, the decoration of a hall for a cocktail party or banquet and arrangements for traditional Japanese entertainment.
5.To mention a few, arrangements are made for visits to leading manufacturers’ plants, equipped with the most modern facilities, producing electric and electronic products, automobiles and other types of vehicles, farm and construction machinery, musical instruments and machines tools.

A great deal of complicated and essential details that require meticulous attention with speed and knack are called for in properly arranging an international convention. Tonichi’ s experienced staff and know-how in arranging international conventions, large and small, will relieve much of your order and save you time and labor.

Tonichi can also be depended upon in handling pre-convention. As a large number of blocked rooms are maintained throughout the year by Tonichi at best hotels in Tokyo and Kyoto, it can also be depended upon in making hotel reservations during and after a convention. Information on international Conventions scheduled to be staged in Japan can also be obtained by Home Page of Japan National Tourist Organization.