VIP Guest

In our long history, we have made travel arrangements for numerous VIPs from around the world. We have made arrangements for the private trips of Royal families, business trips and private trips for executives and owners of global companies, private trips of world-renowned artists and musicians, as well as many others.
We will provide you with the highest-level privacy protection and security as well as make arrangements for transportation and accommodations that will give you a wonderful experience during Japanese holidays. Our efficient staff, adhering to the principle of " Cordial hospitality," the national mantra, will take exceptional care of you from arrival to departure.
You will be able to enjoy traditional Japanese food, made like a work of art with the freshest of ingredients, as well as be a witness to Japanese craftsmanship in one of the finest world-class western-style hotels or by experiencing the uniqueness of a Japanese-style (Ryokan) that have been a part of passing down Japan’ s beauty, culture, and history. We are looking forward for you to come in order to experience the wealth of nature and beauty that takes place in Japan throughout the year.