About a conservation policy of individual information

TONICHI TRAVEL SERVICE engage in travel service with the motto “ Travel with great satisfaction”. We believe that we are socially responsible for handling personal information in an appropriate manner. We have adopted the following policies.

1. About acquisition, use and provision of personal information

We will acquire, use and provide personal information of our customers and employees appropriately. All handling of such information will be restricted to the scope of legitimate business. When it is necessary to go beyond the specified purpose of use, we will obtain the approval of the individuals.

2. About laws, guidelines and social norms concerning personal information

We will observe laws, guidelines and social norms concerning personal information.

3. Safety management of personal information

We will execute safety measures on a reasonable level to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, leak , loss, destruction and unjust revision of personal information.

4. About complaints and questions of personal information

We will respond to complaints and questions from customers concerning their own personal information in a timely manner.

5. About “personal information management system” concerning protection of private information

We will improve the personal information management system on a continuous basis to protect personal information appropriately.


4th Floor ,Tsukiji KY Building , 4-7-5, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0045
Katsumasa Iguchi, President

Enacted January 1, 2008
Revised November 1, 2009

About Privacy Policy
Enacted January 1, 2008
Revised March 1, 2012

Personal information management administrator

1. About use purpose of personal information

We collect personal information within range to be necessary for the achievement of use purpose as follows.

A customer has a choice to provide us personal information or not. However, personal information is needed for travel arrangement. A customer is kindly requested to acknowledge that a customer may not be provided a product or service of us unless a customer provides us with relevant personal information which is indispensable for our service requested by a customer.

(1) To arrange necessary transportation, accommodation facilities or contracted travel agents’ service of travel requested by a customer. We also help a customer to receive those services.

(2) To provide our company’s information, affiliate or contract companies’ information concerning product ( travel insurance, money exchange,etc… ), service and campaign.

(3) To compile statistics and carry out questionnaire investigation.

(4) To distribute promotional materials of travel products to our customers.

(5) To contact customers.

(6) To make credit decisions and carry out credit management concerning travel loan of our company. Use obtained information to make referral to credit bureau to investigate customer’s ability to pay.

(7) To hire new employees

2. Providing customer personal information to third parties

(1) We provide our customer’s personal information to transport operators, accommodations and agencies by mail or e-mail. Our customer’s information will include full name, the distinction of sex, age, address, phone number, email address, passport number, credit card number and the date of birth.

(2) We may provide personal information of our customers to souvenir stores to facilitate shopping by our customers. In such case, the customer’s full name, passport number and flight number will be provided electronically.

(3) Our customer’s personal information concerning travel loan will be registered and provided to credit bureaus.

3. Entrusting handling of personal information

We may entrust handling of personal information to external contractors for the purpose of use mentioned above. In the event of such outsourcing, contracts governing the appropriate use and handling of personal information will be signed between our company and subcontractor . We confirm safety management of personal information and carry out appropriate supervision.

4. About disclosure, a correction and suspension of use of personal information

If you request a notification of the purpose of use of personal information, disclosure, a correction, an addition or elimination, suspension of use, suspension of providing personal information to third parties, please refer to ‘ Inquiries of personal information ‘. We will provide information of necessary procedures.

5. Contact for complaint and inquiries of personal information

Please contact the following ‘ Inquiries of personal information ‘ .

< Inquiries of personal information >

Management personnel for protection of personal information

Osamu Igarashi

Contact person
Manager of customer counseling

Toshio Takahashi

Site usage precautions
Precaution statement

If you disclose your personal information online, please note that there is a possibility that those information will be collected or used by other users. Please take full responsibility for your actions when you use our website. When you use other websites linked to ours, please take responsibility for your actions. We don’t have responsibilities and obligations for the damage caused by using websites linked to ours. The same shall apply in cases you use our website information arbitrarily.

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