Conservation policy of individual information

We, Tonichi Travel Japan conduct our business with a corporate philosophy focused on doing our best to always challenge on all possibilities in the field of Tourism.
  In order to carry out our Company’s philosophy, we keep all individuals’ information in a private and confidential manner and held responsible with all given personal data. In line with the aspects of Social Responsibilities, we’ve developed a Privacy Policy that covers how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your information. Here are the following bellow.

1. Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information

Before attaining any personal information from our customers or employees, we will inform them the purpose of collection, usage or providing their information to other sources and seek for their approval. All handling of such information will be restricted within the scope of legitimate business. When it becomes necessary to go beyond the specified purpose of use, we will seek for further approval from the individuals.

2. Laws, Guidelines and Social Norms concerning Personal Information

We abide all laws, guidelines and social norms concerning personal information strictly.

3. Safety management of Personal Information

We execute safety precautions in order to prevent any unauthorized access to personal information, leak, loss, disruption and any inappropriate alternation of personal information.

4. Complaints and Concerns regarding Personal Information

We will respond to all complaints and concerns raised up by customers regarding their own personal information promptly.

5. Protection of private information (personal information management system)

We review on our personal information management system frequently and continue to improve on the system for the better.

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Enacted January 1, 2008
Revised May 30, 2017

About Privacy Policy
Enacted January 1, 2008
Revised March 1, 2012

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Personal Information Management Administrator

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We will only collect the customers’ personal information that are required for the specific purposes.
Occasionally, we will need to require from customers more detailed personal information such as permanent home address, nationality, religion, criminal records, physical conditions, medical history, bank account details, credit card information, etc. in order to complete the necessary travel arrangement for customers’ purchased product or required services.
Customers have the rights to choose whether or not they want to provide personal information to us. However, personal information is needed for our travel arrangements. In the event that customers choose not to provide the required necessary details, we kindly seek for customers’ kind understanding that the tour product or services purchased or requested by the customers to us may not be fulfilled due to the lack of required information to do so.

(1) We will use personal information to arrange necessary transportation, accommodation facilities, and travel-related public organizations & authorities (MOFA, Embassies, Consulates, etc.) for our customers. Also, to request and receive the services from our company’s contracted travel agencies that is needed to fulfill the travel product or services requested by customers.

(2) To provide information about our products, services, campaigns as well as our contracted, affiliated companies’ products, services(travel insurance, money exchange, etc), and campaigns. Also for the convenience of our customers during their shopping at souvenir shops overseas.

(3) To create statistical data and obtain relevant surveys.

(4) To inform customers of our promotions, travel related products and services.

(5) To contact customers.

(6) We will use the obtained information to customize instalment payment plans according to each individual’s needs and financial backgrounds. Also to determine the credit liability of customers in order to set the conditions of credit terms concerning our travel loans to our customers.

(7) To hire new employees.

2. Providing Customers’ Personal Information to Third parties.

(1) We provide our customers’ personal information to transport operators, accommodations and agencies in order to complete necessary travel arrangement beforehand by mail or e-mail. Our customers’ information will include full name, gender, age, address, phone number, email address, passport number, credit card information and the date of birth.

(2) We may occasionally provide personal information of our customers to souvenir stores for the convenience of our customers while they shop during their trip. In such case, the customer’s full name, passport number and flight number will be given to souvenir stores via electronic methods in advance.

(3) Our customers’ personal information concerning travel loans will be registered and provided to credit bureaus.

3. Entrusting Handling of Personal Information

We may entrust handling of personal information to external contractors for the purpose of use mentioned above. In the event of such outsourcing, a proper contract is sign between our company and subcontractors in order to make sure that all personal information that the subcontractors received from our company will be for appropriate use and information will be handle and manage confidentially.

4. Disclosure, Amendment and Suspension of use of Personal Information

If any individuals would like to request for a notification of purpose use of personal information, disclosures, amendments, making addition or removals of personal information, or request for the process of providing their personal information to third parties to be suspended, we will provide the necessary information to carry out the request mentioned above.

5. Contact for Complaints and Enquiries of Personal Information

Please contact the following any enquiries or complaints concerning about personal information

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